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About us
Sow Seeds
From Trust


Start by listening and knowing the exact requirements and objectives of the customer to come up with the right solution


Each project that VIDOCO does all brings the desired results, creating a deep impression and improving the trust of our customers.


Devotion, honesty along with knowledge and ability. They help us to create value for our customers


The biggest asset of VIDOCO is the trust that our customers give us.

Over 300 customers have been used our services.

The cooperation with the development of domestic and foreign enterprises is our pleasure.


Today, the term "what is a website" is used very commonly from entertainment to small business or company establishment. Website is the best tool for you to promote your images, products, information .... Be a part of the game and keep up the world trend. We have the skills and passion to make your "online business" stand out from the competition, customizing your website to fit the specific industry you are targeting.

Online Advertising and Increasing Sales

You can make a website or application that costs a few million or even hundreds of millions. This will become meaningless and wasteful. The story we need is that it is effective in business, increasing sales. To do this, we must value online advertising. Seo Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads ...
Online Advertising and Increasing Sales

Application development

Do you need to find a new way to communicate information about your company? Have you thought about moving to a smaller mobile device to reach a better audience?
Do you want to own your own little game or to make your product more attractive? We can do it all, and you just call - Alo Vido!
Application development

Service Of VIDOCO


A proper website can increase the presence of the company and reach the online community.

It's simple to own a professional website. We are here to help you get ideas and design your own website.


In fact, there are more than 4.5 billion mobile users and it is growing.

Connect with them, potential customers, through the interactive mobile app. Still wonder how your company stands out from the competition? Think further, and make a change from now


The task of a management software is to computerize the processes and operations of the business. 

It is not just a tool for storing or processing information but also a tool for providing decision-making information. VIDOCO continuously improves and provides the most suitable solution for your business.


Do you want to take your business to the next level? Would you like to raise the brand value?

We build and develop content. Search engine optimization, Set up of advertising campaigns on many different channels. And these tools can really improve your business through impressive transmission to the viewer.

24/7 support

We are sure you are worried about the server system or the domain name of the website?

Get rid of anxiety and business focus, we will provide 24/7 support to help your website operate continuously 99% of the time. Secure, safe and least expensive.


Please work with us. Let us do everything simply and we promise not to disappoint you.

The process will be shortened to 5 working hours for pre-packed web sites, with pre-packaged products that we offer in common.


Let's listen to each other's needs and we'll make sure everything is well planned at this stage.
(1 ~ 7 days in advance)


After receiving information that initiates ideas for the project, we will work on the project immediately.
(6 ~ 12 days)


As soon as design and development is complete we will hold a review and adjustment session before launching 'official products' to avoid unnecessary errors.
(2 ~ 5 days)


The project will be immediately put into use with a lifetime warranty, or choose a website care package after you are satisfied with the results of the project.
(Take 1 day)

Let me know your request


Vidoco was officially established in July 2017 and is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City. Our mission is to provide practical online business solutions to our clients based on a professional, constantly-learning and creative team.

Vidoco is also a socially responsible enterprise providing training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged people in Viet Nam. We spend more than 51% of our profits to serve the underprivileged.

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